River Rock Counseling


A Non-Profit Counseling Agency


You have our support and compassion, not just in words, but in real actions as we are continuing to offer more free telehealth sessions, including new mini sessions; we've lowered our sliding scale to 50% of a therapist's normal fee; and are registered with multiple organizations to provide free counseling.

Our specialties

  • Love and relationships
  • Depression, loneliness and grief
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Spiritual & transformation

Imagine a session where your therapist...

  • Listens to you with genuine interest and care
  • Is authentic and genuine in relating with you
  • Gives explanations and rationale for situations or problems
  • Works on strategies and approaches for finding solutions
  • Is committed to reaching your goals in a time effective manner
  • Discovers your strengths, resources, and social support
  • Shares ways to create success and change

What sets us apart?

  • Use a non-deficit, strength-based approach
  • Create a plan to help you feel better sooner
  • Offer sliding scale fees and pro bono sessions
  • Give you tools and options to create change and transformation
  • Offer spiritual counseling and energy therapies (i.e., EFT)
  • Our availability (mornings, days, evenings, Saturdays)

Multicultural    Innovative    Strength-Based    Integrative    Holistic    Insight    Feedback    Solutions    Genuine    Authentic    Empathetic    Cognitive    Behavioral    Neuroscience    Empowering    Restoring    Goals    Teamwork