River Rock Counseling


Counseling and Psychotherapy

Individuals and Couples

Our specialties

  • Love and Relationships (with yourself and others)
  • Brief therapy / short-term counseling

Imagine a session where your therapist...

    • Listens to you with genuine interest and care
    • Is authentic and genuine in relating with you
    • Gives explanations and rationale for situations or problems
    • Works on strategies and approaches for finding solutions
    • Is committed to reaching your goals in a time effective manner
    • Discovers your strengths, resources, and social support
    • Shares ways to create success and change

    What sets us apart?

    • Use a non-deficit, strength-based approach
    • Create a plan to help achieve your goals
    • Reduced California licensed therapist rates
    • Offer low sliding scale fees with licensed therapists
    • Offer spiritual counseling and energy therapies (i.e., EFT and Reiki)
    • Our availability (office, phone, video, mornings, days, evenings, or Saturdays)

    Multicultural     Innovative     Strength-Based     Integrative     Holistic     Insight     Feedback     Solutions     Genuine     Authentic     Empathetic     Cognitive Behavioral     Neuroscience     Empowering     Restoring     High Tech with High Touch

    River Rock Counseling