River Rock Counseling


Telehealth Counseling Sessions


Reduced sliding scale 
$70 - $125 (50 min., licensed therapist)
Unless paying $125, proof of low income is required (e.g., qualifying for a federal program)

Pro-Bono Publico (with licensed therapists)
For those in immediate need and who do not have the funds, we offer
free sessions:

Thursdays 11 AM - 3 PM
50 minute full sessions (appt required)
20 - 25 min half/mini sessions

Private pay (pay out of pocket)

Credit cards, Venmo, Paypal, Square, Cash App, Health Savings Acct

If you have a PPO, your therapist can give you an invoice to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Session availability

Days & hours
Tuesday - Thursday: 11 AM - 7 PM
Fridays: 11 AM - 2 PM
Saturdays vary

River Rock Counseling

Session options

For individuals, couples, and families
A non-deficit, strength-based approach 

Telehealth modalities (HIPPA compliant)
Phone (using Signal)
Video (using Regroup)

Length of sessions
Full, half or extended sessions available 

Personalized treatment plans
Includes the long-term and short-term goals and the steps to help achieve them in a time effective manner​ 

Collaborative documentation
Includes the client in the note taking process, which creates transparency; compliant with the "standard of care"​ 

Reliable and valid outcome measures
Client-Directed, Outcome Informed (CDOI) measurement scales​

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Can be integrated into your session to help remove or reduce negative emotions